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We provide the low operation costs large companies enjoy with the personalized support you need to succeed.

Custom Payment Solutions

Custom solutions that don’t break the bank. Find out how Titanium Flex can improve your payments while also saving you money

Cash Discount Program

The secret to zero processing fees is out! Join the cash discount club and start saving today! Click here to download our CD 2020 Guide.

B2B Payment Solutions

Safe, Secure, and Streamlined. It’s how payments are supposed to be, and it’s exactly how our Flex Platform operates. Check out to learn more.

Retail Credit Card Processing

EMV, PIN Debit, limitless integrations. Titanium represents three of the top ten credit card processors. Giving you access to the best rates and equipment the industry has to offer.

Mobile Processing

Titanium’s mobile first processing solutions are easy to use, affordable, and secure. We have in-house mobile solutions as well as some of the nation’s top mobile products.

eCommerce & Card Not Present

We manage eCommerce services for many of the largest internet retails. We are also Direct providers for some of the leading gateways such as, Paytrace, & eProcessing Network.

Restaurant & Hospitality

Titanium Payments can integrate with many of the nation’s top Point-of-Sale solutions built for bars, restaurants, and hotels. Combine that with our wholesale pricing and you have a winning solution for your business.

Pay At The Pump

Until a few short years ago most gasoline stations had only one or two options for their petroleum processing needs. Titanium Payments has a petroleum program that can work with most controllers and offer processing opportunities for most fleet cards.

PCI Compliance

Ensuring that each of our merchants is PCI Compliant is critical to protecting the data of both merchants and consumers. We have dedicated PCI administrators to help you and your business stay compliant.

ACH, ARC & Recurring Billing

It is better to have your hard earned money in an account instead of sitting in an account receivables file. These three products are transforming cash strapped businesses into efficient billing machines. We can show you how to transform your accounts receivable department into a highly efficient cash collector.

We are a cooperative buying network that offers  “processor direct” wholesale pricing in the electronic payment industry.


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