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Our story

Dynamic Merchant Processing (DMP) is a merchant services company specializing in a wide variety of payment products – including credit card processing (standard and cash discount), gift cards, e-commerce, mobile payments, point-of-sale systems and ACH/Check processing.

DMP has been in existence in the payment processing industry for 18 years and is located in Oxford, Alabama.

DMP is a proud partner of SignaPay and one of the original partner offices utilizing the SignaPay PayLo Cash Discount Product. SignaPay is an industry pioneer in the Cash Discount Product arena.

Benefits to Merchants using DMP:

  • DMP, through its partnership with SignaPay, is at the forefront of the Cash Discount Program movement.  DMP clients can take advantage of this expertise knowing they have the latest technology and most cost efficient program.

  • DMP offers what merchants need the most: cutting-edge, innovative and efficient Cash Discount payment products at prices that are 90% less than the competition’s standard credit card processing products.

  • DMP’s office boasts over 60+ years of Merchant Services experience on its staff.  This experience is ready and able to help DMP’s clients through all issues.​

We are a cooperative buying network that offers  “processor direct” wholesale pricing in the electronic payment industry.


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